XTRA – 30 Years of Serious Pleasures

With a direct link to XTRA’s rebranding in the early 2000s, &Larry was a natural partner to craft the messaging and logo for the 30th anniversary of Singapore’s pioneer purveyors of high quality designer furnishings. For this important milestone, we took a  retrospective approach to review the XTRA’s growth and change through the decades.

Going back to its roots as an early champion for the mid-century classics of Ray and Charles Eames comes the message of “30 YEARS OF SERIOUS PLEASURES”. It is a reflection of how founder Lim Choon Hoong took his personal love for design beyond that of a hobby into a serious undertaking to bring great designs to the Singapore market. XTRA has since outgrown the role of mere retailer to become a design advocate and even educator – bringing in quest speakers from both established brands and rising stars in the industry.

Designed with hand drawn type, the logo is a tribute to the hands-on spirit of furniture design – and an acknowledgement to the growing maker culture, where customers are just as likely to have a hand in co-creation and personalisation instead of just passive consumption.

The ‘XXX’ is a tongue-in-cheek nod to XTRA’s three decades of existence, as well as a hint at its willingness to embrace the raw energy and street sensibility of today’s designers and design connoisseurs. Together with the type variations for the tagline, the result is a bold declaration of XTRA’s continued evolution in its relationship with design and lovers of good design.

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