Tuan Yuan

Tuan Yuan is a bak kut teh (pork ribs soup) brand by Frankie Gwee, the same man who founded and formerly ran the Outram Ya Hua Bak Pork Ribs Soup label.

The name is a portmanteau of “reunion” and “fate” in Chinese, which is the founder’s wish for his family and generations to always be in unity. Likewise, the restaurant is also a place for customers to enjoy a meal together.

To build on Frankie’s vision, the Chinese characters are encased in a circle to represent unity and togetherness. The secondary symbol “人” (people) was derived from “群众” (group), which meaningfully relates back to a gathering of people.

Visually, the colours used are warm and conveys the human touch. The modern and bold approach for the food photography showcases the final dish as the main focal point, while an array of background colours demarcate the food categories in a clear and concise manner.

The visual extension and consistency in line with this is also applied to the mobile app and other collaterals, such as business cards and the restaurant’s menu.