Tong Heng Digital Branding

Our efforts to rebrand Tong Heng continued from the physical into the digital realm. We worked closely with the owners to rationalise their online presence, consolidating various social media accounts and unifying them under a single handle.

A digital strategy was developed to bring out the brand essence of “Joy in a Bite”, with original content designed to communicate Tong Heng’s personality and engage with a younger audience.

Consistency & Relevance

Tong Heng’s content is categorised under 4 main pillars: Inspire, Inform, Promote and Engage, with posts that offer glimpses into Tong Heng’s history, heritage, people, products and processes. To address the challenge of short attention spans, posts were designed to be concise, light-hearted in tone, and supported by colourful illustrations in Tong Heng’s new visual vocabulary.

By analysing feedback and user engagement, the content mix is constantly optimised with input from the owners, thereby building up a consistent and audience-relevant presence on both Facebook and Instagram.

Real People with Real Stories to Share

As part of the drive toward greater customer engagement, we introduced Tea Time Snippets as an ongoing series of 1-min video dialogues with members of the Tong Heng team.

Like a ‘yum cha’ session to shoot the breeze over some tea, each episode captures micro-moments of a typical day in Tong Heng, showing various staff in action, evoking positivity from inside out, and letting the people take centerstage. Besides third and fourth generation family members, the series also featured long-serving and younger employees to share about their experiences at work and what makes them happy.

Watch the Teatime Snippets series here.