To & Fro

9 November 2019 marked the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, and a starting point for a visual conversation between Berlin and Singapore.

Creative Director Larry Peh was invited by the German Embassy of Singapore to create a commemorative project for the occasion. Through a series of exploratory discussions, he formulated the overall concept, design and creative direction for the endeavour, deciding on a video-based approach to maximise resources and capitalise on the medium’s accessibility for worldwide sharing.

He envisioned a team of Singaporean and German creatives working together to incorporate the sentiments of freedom regained by Germans on 9 November 1989 in Berlin and re-channeling it into a short film. Instead of the nostalgia associated with such historic events, the project would attempt to transpose the zeitgeist of that period onto current day scenarios in both cities.

Titled ‘To & Fro’, the video takes the viewer from daily scenes in Singapore to Berlin and back again, encapsulating the freedoms we enjoy today: to live, travel, communicate and express ourselves as we wish. Set to the beat of an original track 'Bouncin'' by jazz musician Regi Leo, the vignettes from both cities are edited to juxtapose each other — at times quick and upbeat, and at other times slowing down for a more reflective mood.

By depicting the imperfections and spontaneity of life, the visuals also parallel the improvisations and expressiveness of the musicians.

The completed film was previewed at the Design Film Festival 2019 and the 23rd German Film Festival, and also featured on Channel News Asia