Supermama – Rein-carnation

In celebration of Singapore’s golden jubilee, we were invited by Supermama, along with 49 other designers, to participate in Little Red Dot – a reinterpretation of archival materials from the National Archives of Singapore. Tasked to respond visually to content from the archives, each design would then be glazed internally within a spherical handcrafted porcelain vessel.

We were presented with a video grab of a traditional coffee shop, circa 1960s. In it was an elderly man (in striped pajamas, no less) brewing coffee amidst rows of the iconic Carnation Evaporated Milk tin cans.

Kopi-C (coffee with evaporated milk) is a favourite for many. As the go-to brand used by traditional coffee shops in Singapore, Carnation’s distinctive red-and-white tin cans form a crucial component of the visual landscape in such establishments. As a tribute to the drink and the kopitiam culture, we took the opportunity to immortalise the Carnation can as a tangible gallery piece, elevating Kopi-C to its deserved status as the best beverage in Singapore.