Suitable for the Young

In Singapore where conservative morals still abound, societal progress treads a fine line by forbidding outright pornography but allowing the conditional sale of “adult-interest lifestyle magazines”.

Such approved publications must be tagged with a prominent label that says “Unsuitable for the Young”.

Inspired by the mandatory warning, this artwork is presented as a poster, which after the application of self-censorship, is now arguably suitable for display on the walls of a gallery or even a teenager’s room.

Produced in a limited run of 500 pieces, each poster is hand-finished with two custom foil-stamped warning stickers. No two are exactly the same. Suitable For The Young was featured together with a special installation for the NewWave exhibition in Shizuoka, Japan. For more details on the show, please click here.

To purchase a Suitable For The Young poster, please email to enquire.