Steelcase – Steelback

As part of its opening celebrations, Steelcase Singapore invited 12 local artists and designers to refashion its award winning “Think” chair.

Titled “Steelback”, the thought and effort put into our submission was not immediately obvious to casual observers.

From the back, the concept becomes clear – watch your back or risk getting stabbed.

A gleaming knife with a leather-bound handle protrudes from the backrest, its blade narrowly missing the user’s vulnerable back.

Our inspiration came from the “Think” chair itself with its distinctive steel support cables that resemble a suit of armour.

The name also implies that the person taking the seat has to be pretty smart – and tough – to survive the backstabbing dangers of office politics.

All in all, a fun project with a touch of the unexpected, and which respects the superb usability of the original product.