Sign of Our Times

&Larry was invited by Bynd Artisan to inaugurate its Designer Capsule Collection, a platform to enable collaboration between different creative fields, to effect new spins on classic ideas.

The result of &Larry’s design for Bynd Artisan was “Sign of Our Times”, inspired by the ubiquitous “Danger-Keep Out!” sign, which is a common sight in Singapore. Most often displayed on the exteriors of construction sites and in the form of the country’s four official languages, these signs warning of dangers ahead are a sight that Singaporeans know all too well in a city that is constantly in a state of reinvention and construction.

Although still a common sight, alternatives – such as beautifully-photographed advertisements showing us what to expect from a new designer mall or luxury housing estate – are popping up everywhere around the country. It is possible that this quintessentially Singaporean sign will one day become a mere memory.

The Capsule Collection

“Sign of our Times” acts as a tribute to this sign that has been so long associated with our time. Designed in black and constructed primarily in leather, the capsule focuses on objects that contain or hold users’ most important belongings that need protection – such as wallets, document holders, and garment pockets.

Speaking to both form and function, a t-shirt pocket doubles up as both a regular pocket and a place to hold a pen or any eyewear. The travel wallet was designed with travellers in mind, with ample slots for various credit cards, and even features a secret compartment for SIM cards. Made intentionally small, the wallet fits into the smallest of back pockets, minimising any bulk to the user’s silhouette.

Visually, the subversion of the traditional “Danger-Keep Out!” signboard was an important component of its inception; we deliberately avoided any resemblance to typical tourist souvenirs. What was traditionally loud and marketed to the public is now made private and more subdued. The new presentation of the ‘warning’, featured subtly as a blind debossed typographic design on the interiors of the products, acts as a personal reminder to keep one’s belongings safe.