A casual visit to Shing’s atelier on a Thursday afternoon sparked an unusual collaboration. What happens when the artist is challenged to interpret a song into a piece of jewellery? Aptly, the track named “Thursday Afternoon” by Brian Eno was chosen at the eleventh hour before the meeting.

After listening to the song on repeat mode, the ring entitled “Shard” was composed, imbued deeply with an icy, ethereal ambience from the music.

In the same spirit that drives Eno to challenge the boundaries of his medium, Shing has manipulated her materials beyond convention by setting a piece of broken glass in an extremely thin silver sheet. The fragility of the piece is achingly juxtaposed against its sharp polished edges, evoking a mood reflective of Eno’s cold soundscapes.


Shing, the creator behind Argentum, is a jeweller who believes ardently in the merit of working with one's hands.

The St Martins-trained artisan challenges the boundaries of jewellery design through her constant questioning of the very medium she works in. Much of her work deals with what she witnessed as empty formalities in an industry which more often than not focuses on surface aesthetics and value. Her missionary task is to hammer out creations that take on new poetic significance for their wearers. Pieces that enhance and meld with one’s personality are the sole concern. It is never about flaunting the size of that rock.