Royston Tan – Old Places

For the DVD packaging of “Old Places 老地方”, a film directed by Eva Tang, Victric Thng and Royston Tan, we designed the cover to resemble an envelope with an old postbox as the key image.

Inside were 9 postcards showcasing images of different locations captured in the film. The intention was for the recipient to feel as though he had received nostalgic fragments from the past.

When pieced together, the cards make up the film’s title. White ink with overprint finishing was used to render a faded, worn-out effect. To enhance the packaging’s local flavour, we took inspiration from the conventional “zi char” hawker stall takeaway box for its packaging structure. Grey cardboard, similar to the cheap, recycled ones of the olden days, was used to construct the package.

About the film

Royston Tan's film first aired on the okto channel on 8 August 2010, 10pm. It was later produced as DVDs for sale at Books Kinokuniya, BooksActually & Objectifs.