Royston Tan – Old Friends

‘Old Friends’ is the final instalment of Royston Tan’s trilogy of films (Old Places and Old Romances) documenting different aspects of Singapore’s heritage. Directed by Royston Tan, Alvin Lee, Boi Kwing and Debe Hoo, the film focuses on the strong connections between Singaporeans and their beloved local delights from homegrown hawker stalls and eateries.

For the DVD packaging, &Larry has designed it around the main image of ‘Ang Ku Kueh’ or ‘red tortoise cake’, a traditional Chinese pastry that is popularly eaten during important festivals such as Chinese New Year. Included inside are 9 postcards showing various old-time hawkers, dishes and eateries featured in the film. When assembled, the cards make up the film’s title, overlaying the images in an auspicious shade of pink.