Pick Up

The second item under my Precious Object Series – an on-going project that turns trivial items into objects of value – pays homage to one of my favourite instruments. Though I’m not much of a player, the humble electric guitar appeals to me both visually and spiritually. The name “Pick Up” was chosen for its obvious reference to the guitar pick and acts as a reminder of music’s magical ability to lift one’s spirit when in the lowest of moods. So go on. Pick up an instrument, pick a tune, and pick yourself up.

– Larry

To purchase Pick Up, please email to enquire.

I invited three designers who share my passion for the guitar to interpret the bespoke Pick Up guitar pick in their individual way. The brief was simple and open: each designer may rework the guitar pick in whichever manner he likes, so long as it represents his personal view on music.

Below are their respective rationales. 

Death Metal by Pann Lim (Kinetic)

When Larry first spoke to me, I was simultaneously excited yet guilty. Though his intention was to work with a guitar-playing designer, the last time I had played was when my band Concave Scream’s album was launched on 18 September 2009.

Clueless as to when I will start writing and making music again, I hit upon the idea of documenting myself burying the guitar pick. It would symbolise the hiatus or perhaps even death of my guitar-playing “career”.

I found a back alley, dug a hole and buried the guitar pick in concrete on 5 September 2011.

In future, should I start playing again, I will unearth the pick and document the process again.


La Cara En Solitario De Fusion by Theseus Chan (WORK)

Since the Pick Up was given to me, I have kept it with me at all times, making it really personal.

For this collaboration, I paired it with 12 customised Gibson picks that I had used to play in church over the past few months. In a way, they are pretty spiritual.

To me, each Gibson pick is like a sculpture, unique in its own right. Combined with the Pick Up, I’m sure they would make really great music.

This is why I have named this piece La Cara En Solitario De Fusion, which loosely translates to mean “The Face-Melting Solos”.


OU812 by William Chan (PHUNK)

The motif on the Pick Up is inspired by the signature graphics on the iconic Frankenstat guitar created by one of my early guitar heroes, Eddie Van Halens.