PAPa Shirt

We have always felt that the white shirts favoured by our ministers made them look like overgrown school boys. Paying tribute to the hardworking top, we collaborated with Wanderwonder to design and produce the limited edition PAPa Shirt especially for our ministers.

Fashionable, smart and versatile for formal to casual occasions, the shirt’s elbow-length cut-out sleeve allows young leaders with bigger biceps to comfortably perform activities like tree planting and hand shaking.

With a unique curved bottom, the wearer can choose to wear the shirt tucked in or let out. Ironing is optional given that the shirt is made from Oxford fabric. Finally, the famous lightning bolt symbol is incorporated subtly as an appliqué on the front pocket.


WanderWonder was formerly a Singaporean contemporary menswear label. Their brand manifesto was all about dressing the modern gentleman in a unique balance of utilitarianism and sartorial fashion.