National Day Parade 2018

Looking back at 2018, this is one project that will always have a special place in our hearts. When &Larry was approached by Boo Jun Feng, the creative director of the 2018 National Day Parade, to assist in the design and art direction, we knew it would be a demanding task. Not least being the track of record of previous organizing committees, who have upheld a tradition of continuous improvement in the quality and engagement of the annual spectacle.

For 2018, the direction was more self-reflective for Singaporeans – a chance to take stock of why we are still so connected by our love for this country we call home, despite all the cynicisms of our modern lives. Along with Jun Feng’s decision to highlight true stories of everyday Singaporeans, the &Larry team gave our full support by sharing and discussing ideas, working with multiple stakeholders and vendors to design, refine, produce and troubleshoot a whole series of items, from props and backdrops to collaterals and goodie bags.

What was truly awesome was the genuine sense of camaraderie, mutual respect and cooperation from everyone on the committee, to do our best for Singapore, our home.