MPO Interim & Annual Reports 2016 – 2017

&Larry was engaged by Macau Property Opportunities Fund Limited (MPO), a company dedicated to investment and development opportunities in Macau, to design its 2016 interim and 2017 annual reports. Inspired by the location of MPO properties, a concept was developed based on topographic contours to give investors a clear picture of the lay of the land.

Titled ‘On Higher Ground’, the interim report cover features a blind-embossed design that offers a macro view of all MPO properties in Macau, including Taipa and Coloane. The embossing creates the impression of ‘islands’ rising above the sea, giving investors a new way of perceiving these properties relative to actual geography.

For the annual report titled ‘The Future in Focus’, the cover zooms in on the Macau Peninsula, focusing on key properties in greater detail along with debossed property names. The topographic theme extends to the layout of both reports, presenting their contents clearly with thematic visuals and infographics. The result is a unified presentation of MPO’s financial results that is at once layered, precise, informed and on-point.