Monkey on My Back

&Larry was invited to inject new life into a browsing copy of “Mensch, Schroeder”, a book on German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder.

We took inspiration from page 211 which described the chancellor’s visit to India. Being born in the Year of the Monkey, it was interesting to note that his presence sent all the monkeys in the palace and gardens fleeing; a sign that they had encountered a stronger being of their species.

To demonstrate our view that the book was a drag to read, we decided to transform it into a monkey that we could carry on our backs. A tail serving as a bookmark was attached to page 211. Leather covers and straps were added to complete the look. The reader could now carry the monkey around and read to where it’s bookmarked, incidentally the page where we decided to stop reading.

Browsing Copy

Nobody buys a browsing copy. Customers leaf through it, put it back and take the newer copy next to it. The “Browsing Copy” project seeks to elevate the status and worth of these rejected books by inviting designers, illustrators and artists to use them as a canvas for their creativity.