John Clang for Art Stage 2013

We were commissioned to design the exhibition space and collateral for renowned artist Clang’s solo presentation at Art Stage 2013. Titled “When I say you are dreaming, so am I”, it features two different sets of work – “Myth of the Flat Earth” and “Twilight Dreams of a Papilio Demoleus”.

The presentation took inspiration from “The Butterfly Dream” (庄周梦蝶) by Taoist philosopher Zhuangzi, which explores a dual state of being awake and dreaming, and the resulting tension between illusion and reality.

The typographic treatment utilised throughout is visually reminiscent of human subjects free from gravitational pull, as well as that of a flitting butterfly – referencing the visual language of the exhibited pieces.

An oversized limited edition card set was produced as an exclusive premium for VIPs and collectors.