Je Crois En l'Âme Sœur

Flipping between dark and light, the artist is immersed in the glitterati of the fashion world but her continued passion in the analogue world of arts leads her to question the existence of love and beyond. Through her time in Paris, the ever elusive love is concealed, affirmed, emulated, renewed and awakened. Paris, the City of Love explored. Taking an existential approach, the artist uses herself as a subject for the first time. Paris, Je T'aime is about her mythical affirmation that soul mates do exist, and her naive-like approach to boldly stamp it on her face as the ultimate declaration of her belief.

Antonia Chang

Antonia Chang has a healthy appreciation of the ridiculous and a flair for befriending all things four-legged with a fluffy coat. A Singapore-born fashion veteran of numerous fashion titles and celebrated style icon, Antonia is also an avid music lover and accomplished ceramist. Possessed by incorrigible wanderlust, she has lived in New York City, Milan, Taiwan, Singapore and is currently based in Paris.

L'âme sœur ; ça existe?

Tu crois aux esprits toi?

Paris, Je T'Aime