Iggy's for Bynd Artisan – 5tones

Conceptualised and designed by &Larry, and handcrafted by one Michelin-star restaurant Iggy’s, ‘5tones’ is a limited-edition dessert for Bynd Artisan that draws on its namesake — the popular childhood game ‘five stones’, which dates from Singapore’s pre-colonial days. Originally played with five actual stones on sand, the pieces were later replaced by small pyramid-shaped cloth bags filled either with rice, beans or sand.

This confectionery masterpiece features a harmonious medley of five nostalgic local flavours to bring out the child in each of us: Bubor Cha Cha, Bandung, Soursop Lime/Cempadak, Black Sesame, and Peanut Beard Sugar.

As a finishing touch, the dessert box includes a bed of White Choco Roti Crumbs to replicate a sandpit, allowing one to relive childhood memories by playing with the edible stones.