Faculty – Subject 01 S.R.

With each collection dedicated to, and inspired by an unnamed subject of note, Faculty’s debut collection is ambiguously titled “Subject 01 S.R.”

The pièce de résistance of the collection is a pair of damaged selvedge jeans, the first of its kind by a Singaporean label. Cut in 14.5 oz. denim from Kuroki Mill and manufactured in Okayama (also known as “the mecca of Japanese denim”), the signature pair was designed by Larry Peh and produced by craftsmen responsible for creating jeans by some of the world’s most coveted denim brands.

The slim fit jeans features heavy distressing and patchwork repair. Complementing these details are touches of oil staining, Faculty's signature grey thread detailing, and a splattering of grey and white paint.

Imagery for the campaign, the “Water Tower: Untitled” series, was shot by renowned New York-based visual artist John Clang. Having worked extensively with Hermès, Levi’s and 032C, Clang lends his nonpareil vision to exclusive images for Faculty. “Water Tower: Untitled” was also presented as a video installation.

Water Tower: Untitled Nº1

Water Tower: Untitled Nº2

Water Tower: Untitled Nº3

Water Tower: Untitled Nº4

Water Tower: Untitled Nº5

We also filmed and produced a behind-the-scenes at Kojima, Okayama prefecture. The video offers a rare glimpse into the manufacturing process, which is often shrouded in a cloak of secrecy. Embodying the steam and grime of textile production, we commissioned Wayne Khin of Home Studio to track a heady blues accompaniment.

The collection was launched at K+ Curatorial Space in June 2015, alongside a range of collaborations with Japanese indigo-dye artisans Buaisou. and Japanese ceramic craftsmen Sueki Ceramics.