Made for the modern and intelligent man, Faculty encompasses a refined and functional approach to the crafting of apparel and products based on the idea of intrinsic human ability in thought or action.

The label fills a void in the menswear marketplace by crafting apparel and products that draw influence from the designer’s roots in graphic design, art direction, branding and photography. With the intent of enriching man and his surroundings, every collection is also dedicated to, and inspired by an unnamed subject of note.

The wordmark was based off a custom sans-serif typeface that appears uncomfortably irregular in weight, suggesting the individuality and craft that goes into the design and manufacturing process. Enclosed and cloaked in various shades of grey, the brand reflects the strength of ideas from the use of grey matter in the creation of each collection. Also representative of the grey area straddled between work and play, the functional and refined garments seamlessly shift from boardroom to bar.