Face Value

Every year, we receive countless messily designed, gaudy red packets from banks and shopping malls. Not only are they an eyesore, they do not allow for well wishes to be written on. We were thus inspired to design a red packet that would serve its gifting function while looking exquisite and presentable.

In Singapore, as red packets are given out during Chinese New Year, weddings and birthdays, the design had to be flexible. In a twist to the overused original saying, we printed the words “It’s the thought that you’ll count” on the front of the packet. This, in our opinion, is a more accurate reflection of reality as people do count the amount given and associate it with the giver’s generosity. This is also why we have named our red packets “Face Value” – a pun on the Asian culture of “saving face”.

From a practical aspect, the red packet is made of flocked paper for a lush feel and embossed with rectangular strips on the back for easy writing.