Utilising actual human hair sourced from the artist’s hairdresser, “Cococut” was featured as part of 10 pieces curated by roots for the Makanlah Buah-buahan Tempatan – Singapura exhibition.

Infamously termed “Ya Kak Tao” (which translates literally to “Coconut Head” in the Chinese Hokkien dialect), this artwork is inspired by the “bowl-cut” hairdo sported by children whose parents have little or nil grooming budget. The crude, homespun method is typically accompanied by a makeshift barber’s cape, created using an old sheet of newspaper with a cut-out hole.

Inspiration stems from delectable moments of drawing or eating local fruits familiar to Malaysians and Singaporeans. Ten artworks from each country were curated to support and celebrate our local talents in art and design, and encourage the public to appreciate (and consume) local art. Curated by roots, the Singapore exhibition was held at U Factory, Gillman Barracks.