Bynd Artisan Flagship Store & Atelier

In collaboration with interior architect LAANK, we were tasked to brand and provide the art direction for the interior of Bynd Artisan’s flagship store.

The concept of Bynd Artisan’s space draws largely from its brand ethos “Something’s Worth Sharing” by sharing itself among the three main aspects of the business. There is a Gallery space featuring collaborations with local artists (including &Larry’s capsule collection as Bynd Artisan’s first collaboration), a Retail space to sell Bynd Artisan’s wares and creations, and an Atelier, which is where the artisans work and share their skills and expertise with others.

It was also important to retain the feeling of authenticity and heritage, such as keeping the factory’s original brick walls and ceiling beams. In this way, the “old” still mingles with the “new”, juxtaposing old furniture and the letterpress machine against rose-gold shelving and piping, and introducing touches of luxury and modernity to traditional tools and machinery.

Dark glass and customised lighting also create dimension within the flagship store, enhancing the retail experience for customers. The overall space is crafted to give visitors a holistic Bynd Artisan experience above and beyond a typical gallery or retail shop.