Beep It

In Singapore, the Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) system regulates traffic congestion by levying a fee on motorists during peak hours. With an innocuous “beep”, the system deducts a toll fee every time your vehicle passes under an ERP gantry. When the cash card is depleted, the system demands replenishment with a series of insistent beeps.

Working with Neil Lim of Studio.MB, we have re-purposed the palpable feelings elicited by the ERP system into a mobile phone ringtone.

“Beep It” features a low-key musical beat in the background to contrast what we enjoy (music) with the urgency of the ERP beeps, building up to a swirling climax before breaking the rhythm and looping back. Endlessly.

Right-click to save an MP3 file, or an M4R version for iPhone.

Neil Lim, Studio.MB

An avid music lover since discovering the joys of guitar playing at age 15, Neil has released a number of solo albums under the “Nightsound” moniker, including “Strangers” (2000), “Apart” (2001), “Bleed” (2003), and “I” (2005).

He formed Studio.MB in 2005 and has contributed to notable projects such as “Diminishing Memories II” by Eng Yee Peng, “Old Times” by Chew Tee Pau, “18 Grams of Love” by Han Yew Kwang and “12:17” by Kenny Tan. His work for television includes “Perfect Cut”, “Homeward Journey” and “Folks Jump Over The Wall”.