Gallery & Co. – The Artist Project 1.0

Singapore is best represented by its people and has been described as a modern miracle by economists, having built its success on only one resource – its people. In celebration of our golden jubilee, we find it fitting to pay tribute to the notion of “One People”. Our designs consist of a 21.5cm x 15.1cm 30 piece limited edition postcard using risograph printing technique and a 100 piece limited editon t-shirt made of 100% cotton.

The Artist Project 1.0: Siapa Nama Kamu?

Gallery & Co. seeks to democratise art and design through collaborations with Singaporean and international brands, artists and designers. The Artist Project invites a diverse mix of creative talents across the fields of art, graphic design and illustration to craft a visual response to a given theme.

Siapa Nama Kamu?” or, “What is your name?” in Malay, is the title of the inaugural exhibition at the DBS Singapore Gallery. As the history of art in Singapore moves towards the future, it becomes clear that this story is hardly finished. 

The products in this first exclusive capsule collaboration are usable and wearable forms of art created by artists and designers as a contemporary take on what Singapore means to them.