Citi Commercial Bank x BT BAF x &Larry — 2020 Calendar

&Larry is proud to be part of Citi Commercial Bank’s effort to support the creative aspirations of financially disadvantaged children in its 2020 calendar edition for the Business Times Budding Artist’s Fund (BT BAF). With a theme of ‘Diversity & Inclusion’, Creative Director Larry Peh and the &Larry team took part in guiding and inspiring more than 40 young artists to conceptualise and create digitally immersive artworks that celebrate our differences as peoples, cultures and individuals.

We began with a brainstorming workshop, where the children were asked to think about what ‘diversity’ meant to them. Six teams were formed and the resulting notes, ideas and scribbles were collated to be further developed in to 12 sub-themes. These were then turned into artworks through digital art and technology lessons, including green screen recording sessions incorporating music, dance, drama and visual arts.

The resulting calendar design is a physical canvas that showcases the children’s imagination and storytelling skills as a daily reminder of our shared responsibility to accept one another as fellow human beings.