Takashimaya – The New Level 3

The New Level 3 at Takashimaya heralded the inclusion of 18 new brands on the third floor of Takashimaya. The shops range from apparel and accessories, to dining options.

We designed a series of press collaterals for the press launch event. Among our key considerations were paying homage to Takashimaya’s heritage, while also relying a sense of beauty, prestige and timelessness.

Holding true to the mall’s Japanese heritage, we collaborated with Japanese illustrator Yoco Nagamiya, who is well-known for her elegant fashion illustrations. These were supplemented with the use of gold foil and gild finishings for a hint of sophistication and luxuriousness.

A tint of red is present throughout all the collaterals, as a subtle connection back to the signature colour that Takashimaya is known for. 

The press invite was well-received and generated great interest in The New Level 3; many attendees were intrigued and greatly looked forward to attending the launch event.

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