Iggy's for Bynd Artisan – 5tones

Conceptualised and designed by &Larry, and handcrafted by one Michelin-star restaurant Iggy’s, ‘5tones’ is a limited-edition dessert for Bynd Artisan that draws on its namesake — the popular childhood game ‘five stones’, which dates from Singapore’s pre-colonial days. Originally played with five actual stones on sand, the pieces were later replaced by small pyramid-shaped cloth bags filled either with rice, beans or sand.

This confectionery masterpiece features a harmonious medley of five nostalgic local flavours to bring out the child in each of us: Bubor Cha Cha, Bandung, Soursop Lime/Cempadak, Black Sesame, and Peanut Beard Sugar.

As a finishing touch, the dessert box includes a bed of White Choco Roti Crumbs to replicate a sandpit, allowing one to relive childhood memories by playing with the edible stones.

It takes two hands to clap. If you like what you see and are interested in working together with us, let’s chat.